Our Open Consultations

Public safety is desirable for all – so we actively seek input from everyone. In addition to input from frontline professionals and others engaged directly in public safety work, we are also especially keen to invite members of the public to participate and share their views.

The Use of Suspended Prison Sentences in England and Wales
We are concerned with the risks to public safety and the safety of police officers and other public safety professionals from repeated use of suspended sentences in relation to the criminal population. We actively wish to obtain the views of those involved in and subject to the criminal justice system. We are also actively seeking examples of where the use of suspended sentences is deemed by any party to be unduly lenient or otherwise inappropriate.

If you are nominating an inappropriate sentence please ensure the individual is not under 18 and provide the type and name of the Court, the date or approximate date of sentencing and the surname of the defendant and, if you are able, a summary of the circumstances. This information will enable us to obtain further details of the cases from public records held by the Court and to prioritise our work. 


Our Consultation Responses

We actively engage with consultation processes in order to support frontline professionals and advocate for world-class policing and public safety. We publish all our responses to consultations here, so that you can see what we think on key issues.

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