Prison Safety Conference 2017

Date: Wednesday 26th April 2017
Time: 09.30am to 5.30pm
Venue: TBC, Central London, UK

Pre-register today and save the date for the inaugural Prison Safety Conference bringing together all those individuals and organisations with an interest in ensuring that prison is one of the safest places in our society. With the number of assaults, deaths and self-harming incidents in the custodial estate at unacceptable levels we seek to build understanding and consensus on the issues in order to move towards meaningful action.

The event will seek to develop consensus around key issues impacting on prison safety for prisoners and prison staff. The event will culminate with a workshop session focussed around the development of a set of realistic and achievable proposals for the Ministry of Justice to improve prison safety and understanding of the key issues.

  • Understanding and managing self-harm
  • Understanding and tackling the assaultive/violent population
  • Understanding and safeguarding victims of violence/exploitation
  • The impact of staffing levels on prison safety
  • The experience of prisoners in unsafe environments
  • The experience of prison staff in unsafe environments
  • Measuring and managing risks relating to prison safety
  • Extremism and radicalisation in the absence of prison safety

We welcome requests from individuals or organisations who may wish to speak or facilitate discussion around these themes. We are especially keen for practitioners and former prisoners to participate and contribute.

We believe that making prisons safe should be a key policy goal for the Government and a key operational goal for both public and private prisons. We also believe that all those with an interest in public safety can agree on the need to ensure that prisons are safe environments.

Pre-register now to be alerted as further details are released and when registration formally opens. The event is of specific interest and value to prison security managers, prison governors, Independent Monitoring Boards, policymakers, prison officers and staff, non-profit and other groups working inside prisons and/or with prisoners.