Between September 2016 and March 2017 the Centre for Public Safety held a number of events and produced a number of short reports and briefings relating to public safety. You can find copies of some materials on this archived website.

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Comment and Analysis

4 March 2017

Dismissing the concerns of staff will not have a happy or safe ending

In the same week that HMIC raised a ‘red flag’ about the state of British policing, a 13-year veteran of Devon and Cornwall Police published her […]
2 March 2017

Prison is the only thing that stops the persistent and the dangerous

Burglars, perhaps more than any other group, demonstrate that prison is the only thing that will stop the persistent and dangerous in their tracks. We consider the case […]
28 February 2017

Looking forward to the next Commissioner: Cressida Dick

With the Met’s bicentenary barely a decade away, the next Commissioner – announced recently as Cressida Dick –  will play a vital and hugely important role in […]
24 February 2017

Safety for All: The Battle of Watertown with Sgt Jeff Pugliese

Our inaugural Safety for All podcast features Sgt Jeff Pugliese, of the Watertown Police Department, reflecting on the ‘Battle of Watertown’ that followed the Boston Marathon […]
25 January 2017

The George Medal: Fitting recognition for a courageous firearms officer

The point is regularly made that British policing relies upon officers being “unarmed” and “policing by consent”. The events of one Friday night in north London yet […]
10 January 2017

The Next Commissioner: What might have been and what is to come

The deadline for applications is closed. We are a step closer to a new Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, but interested members of the public, like […]
23 December 2016

Merry Christmas and the Year in Review

As 2016 draws to a close, it’s our pleasure to wish you a safe and Merry Christmas. We also wanted to thank you for your support, […]
26 October 2016

Leadership and policing in the age of the viral video

A week after IACP 2016 in San Diego, our Founding Director, Rory Geoghegan, reflects on some key ideas that emerged from four days of discussions and […]
12 October 2016

Real-world risk: Are policing leaders failing to take cybersecurity seriously?

Policing, at times, is all about risk. As the police service embarks upon a journey of digital transformation, it must not be blind to the real-world risks […]
8 October 2016

IACP 2016 in San Diego: The last 12 months and key themes

With IACP 2016 less than a week away, we reflect on some of the last 12 months and some of the key themes running through this year’s […]
21 September 2016

Dachau: the terror of a society that fails to ensure public safety for all

The Dachau Concentration Camp Memorial Site, just 10 miles from the centre of Munich, stands, like the Holocaust, as a sobering and terrifying reminder of the […]
9 September 2016

Spit Guards: a protective and preventative measure that is overdue

Anyone who has spent any time in policing and during that time actually done any policing will have experienced being spat at or on, often involving […]